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What can I list?

At Buildswap.com you can offer for sale any item that could be classified as follows:
  • Materials
    Examples: Plumbing (Kitchen), Plumbing (Bath), HVAC, Electrical, Rough Lumber, Moulding & Millwork, Drywall, Concrete, Flooring, Countertops, Roofing, Insulation, Mirrors, Lighting & Fans, Windows, Doors, Paint, Wallpaper, Window Treatments, Masonry, Siding, Shelving, Cabinets, Fasteners, Hardware, Landscaping, and Sealants
  • Tools
    Examples: Power Tools, Hand Tools, Air Tools, Other Tools, Levels, Nailers & Staplers, Woodworking, Tile & Masonry, Sprayers (Drywall), and Sprayers (Paint)
  • Equipment
    Examples: Air Compressors, Scaffolding, Ladders & Jacks, Large Machinery, Backhoes, Skid Steers, Scissor Lifts, Fork Lifts, Trucks, Dump Trucks, Small Machinery, Generators, Welders, Trenchers, Pressure Washers, Trailers, Tool Boxes, and Appliances

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How it works

Every project completed by a builder leaves them with unused, excess materials.  These materials are new, but are not returnable to suppliers.  The builder is left with a choice to either throw them away or store them.  BuildSwap will provide a third alternative.  Builders, contractors, and weekend warriors will be able to connect with builders to access these unused materials.

BuildSwap will also provide means for access to used tools and equipment, allowing these same builders, contractors, and weekend warriors to offload unneeded tools and equipment and purchase those required to complete their projects. 

One of the greatest things about BuildSwap is that it can be used by anyone.  Builders, contractors, and weekend warriors all can buy or sell any construction related item on BuildSwap.

Business Use Policy

Businesses who are interested in listing many items each month should contact us for information about discounts for multiple listings.

How to upload media

It may be easiest to place the media you would like to upload on your desktop.  Then, from within the media tab in the listing process, click the “Browse” button to find the media you placed on your desktop.  Click the file, then “Continue”.  The file will be uploaded to BuildSwap and you will see a preview of the uploaded media.  Repeat the process for all media you would like to include with your listing.

Trouble uploading photos?

If your media is not uploading, or is taking a long time to upload, check the file size to ensure that it is smaller than 5mb.  If it is not, open the editing software of your choice and reduce the size of the file, then try uploading again.

What is the benefit of using my business logo?

The largest benefit is that those searching for items on BuildSwap will see your logo with every listing you tell us to put it with; uploading and using your logo is an extremely inexpensive way to advertise and promote your business.  Additionally, when users click on your logo within their search results, it will take them to a new search results page which lists every item you have on BuildSwap, thus providing more screen time for viewers to see your items. helping you to more easily sell all of your items.

What is a "featured" item?

A "Featured" item will be prominently displayed above the search results on the main search page of BuildSwap based on geographic location.  Featuring an item will be an invaluable tool for larger items, and those you would like to sell quickly. 

How to advertise with us

Contact the BuildSwap advertising department for more information at advertising@BuildSwap.com.

What types of media can I upload?

We allow the following file formats to be uploaded:


Cost to List?

Click here to view our listing fees.